David King exposes Jack Lukosius effort, Gold Coast Suns draft pick, contract


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Dual All-Australian David King has exposed the stark workrate difference between Gold Coast players, pointing out one “disrespectful” effort from top-10 pick Jack Lukosius on Sunday that “destroys any form of culture you have at your footy club”.

Essendon and the Suns were level at three quarter-time before the Bombers kicked away, booting 5.6 to 1.2 in the fourth quarter to record a 28-point victory at Marvel Stadium.

Speaking on Fox Footy’s First Crack, King said he was “in awe” of the effort, attitude and application of some Gold Coast players like Touk Miller, Matt Rowell, Noah Anderson, Jarrod Wittes, Nick Holman and Sam Collins.

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King was particularly complimentary of Rowell, highlighting two defensive efforts where he sprinted long distances to apply pressure on and disrupt the Bombers 100m run

“This is leadership. This oozes leadership to me and I say: ‘Mate, I take my hat off to you,’” King told Fox Footy’s First Crack.

“I thought: ‘I just hope they win and show internally the highlights that you provided.’”

King then turned his attention to key-position duo Charlie Ballard and Lukosius.

Defender Ballard spent time on Essendon’s Kyle Langford, who booted a career-high five goals from 14 disposals and seven marks in an outstanding game. But King said Ballard’s performance on Langford was subpar.

Bombers leave it late but down Suns | 03:41

“Charlie Ballard, I reckon he turned his toes up today,” King said on Sunday.

“It was too hard for him today: ‘Not my day, Kyle Langford’s kicking goals on me’ – and he threw the towel in. Unacceptable.

“You’ve got to make a stand against that sort of behaviour. Mabior Chol paid a price at selection (by getting dropped).”

King then took aim at “the other whipping boy” in Lukosius after a defensive effort that was “not AFL standard”.

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Vision on First Crack showed Lukosius, who re-signed with the Suns last year until the end of 2026, appearing to indicate to Suns teammate Ben Ainsworth he would take responsibility for Bomber Nic Martin on the wing. But as Essendon moved the ball forward, Martin ran away from Lukosius, who was at times seen ball-watching. Martin would ultimately pounce on a loose ball inside 50 and handball to Matt Guelfi, who kicked an easy goal from point-blank range.

“You know why he’s a whipping boy? Because he puts in efforts like this. This destroys any form of culture you have at your footy club,” King said.

“Ainsworth says: ‘Hey, Jack, you take (Nic) Martin, I’ve got to hold my spot in the corridor’ … Now you commit to that and you see it through, because if you don’t see it through, you burn young players down back. (Ben) Long’s been there two games and this young fella (Bodhi) Uwland is just starting out.

“You can’t allow that to happen. That is so disrespectful.

Dons & Suns stop but still no free kick! | 00:34

“It makes me wonder: Is Jack the sickness or the cure? Is he there to correct this problem and take this club forward? He’s on big money and he’s been a high draft pick and all those things, but in the end, you act your way in and out of a footy club.

“I’d be fuming if I was a teammate seeing that and saying: ‘Is that the best you’ve got? We’re fighting tooth and nail down back to stay in this game.’

“I watched Miller push himself, I watched Rowell go to the absolute extremes – and then I see that and I think: ‘Take a stand Gold Coast, shift the course of your culture and not just drop guys because it’s a name, drop them because of the effort they’re providing. That’s unacceptable. That is not AFL standard and particularly at a club that’s fighting for relevance.”

King said Lukosius, who was taken by the Suns with Pick 2 in the 2018 draft, wouldn’t have even had to chase Martin if he’d simply body-checked the Bomber.

“You can save yourself a 100m sprint by putting your body in the way and body-checking. It’s not that hard,” King said.

Gold Coast Suns Press Conference | 08:44

“Watch what the Sydney Swans do, they do it every play. If you miss them, you’re on your bike, it’s 100m because you told your teammate ‘I’ll get this job done for you’.

“So as soon as you wave that white flag and say ‘too hard for me’, you burn the two youngsters down behind you and you cough up a goal when they were in that game up to their ears. Because of a couple of sloppy efforts and a couple of guys that said ‘too hard for me’, it’s over and all of a sudden the club comes under pressure.

“You’ve got to get that out of your footy club. I don’t know how you do it – whether you drop them, whether you delist them, whether you trade them – but something’s got to shift.”

Dual All-Australian Leigh Montagna said the contrast between Rowell and Lukosius’ efforts was arguably why the Suns are “just an average football team”.

“It’s hard because if that was any other player that had less talent, they would be dropped. Because he’s talented, he probably gets more opportunities. But at some point, you can’t be seduced by talent. You’ve got to make a stand,” Montagna told First Crack.

“There is a big stark difference when you watch Gold Coast between the guys that try their absolute backsides off and some others that don’t quite.”



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